Saturday, 20 December 2014

India - Day 3: Train to Jaipur

After a hideously early start and a close brush with a taxi trying to take us to the airport instead of the station, we boarded the 6.05 Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Jaipur. The early morning train through the Delhi suburbs and surrounding settlements was an eye opener: houses all along the railway line, complete with the spectacle of people getting up, small shops, yards, washing, cows, pigs, dogs, people, more people, people using the railway as a toilet, more people using the railway as a toilet. Certainly different and more interesting that the approach to Paddington or Temple Meads...

We got fed a very dodgy looking breakfast on the train, made up of 'vegetable croquettes' and bread that looked like it was made from cardboard. I contented myself with the tea and digestive biscuits.

The train window was absolutely filthy, but I did manage to take a few photos of the sights on the journey, avoiding the squatting locals.

A sample of the Delhi suburbs
A snack vendor at one of the stations we went through. The platforms on all of the stations have many competing stalls.
Passengers on a passing train

The journey took us through Rajasthan's farming lang
Mother and baby waiting for another train. 
More soon from Jaipur itself. 

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