Friday, 21 November 2014

India - Day 1: Red Fort

And here's part 2 of our morning on day 1 in Delhi. After breakfast of kachori followed by assorted methai (India sweets made mostly from pistachio, butter and sugar), we hit the Red Fort. Christopher may have had to prop my up most of the way round, as I was suffering the after-effects of jet-lag. 

I also had the first taste of feeling like a minor celebrity/rare wild animal. There were loads of people around, including lots of Indian families and groups of school children, and we were rather stared at. Surreptitious (and not so surreptitious) photos were taken on smart phones, families stopped us and asked for photos with us, some people tried to casually stand next to us while their friends took photos. And a small group tended to gather whenever I stopped to take a photo. All very friendly, but rather strange!

One of the things that struck me throughout the trip is how beautifully most women dress. On the whole, the men tended to be dressed in western style, but almost every woman I saw was wearing a dazzling sari, especially when we were visiting the large monuments. It puts us in the UK to shame. 

Baskets of flowers sold as offerings for shrines
Flocks of pigeons circled almost all of the large buildings

While the Red Fort is beautiful, there are signs of dilapidation everywhere.  

But the details that are intact are stunning, especially the marble-work. 

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